GOP-Controlled Texas Legislature to Restrict Authority

Texas Governor Greg Abbott

The GOP-controlled Texas legislature is known for its highly divisive laws as it is mostly composed of wealthy Texans who don’t need the symbolic salary of $7,200 per year. This is how the Lone Star State’s underclass is severely underrepresented.

Liberal Cities’ Policies ‘Offensive’ to GOP Leaders

Texas Republicans are overwhelmingly concerned about small government and freedom, but the GOP recently offered neither. For instance, many laws landing in Governor Gregg Abbot’s office are attempts to undermine liberal cities’ authority.

Some municipalities in Texas such as Austin are very Democratic, so, they often collide with the rest of the country on various issues such as workers rights and the protection of the environment. One Texas Democrat thinks that these blue regions and their policies are “offensive” to Republicans in power.

The Texas’ bathroom bill is expected to be one of the most costly law ever enacted, and it would force an offender to have his or her genitalia examined for authorities to determine their biological sex. A similar law was adopted by North Carolina.

Texas GOP Poised to Defend Texans’ Freedom

The Texas Governor recently tried to defend his state’s big government laws. He noted that the “actions at local level” in Texas are violating other people’s liberties. Abbot pledged to fight back against those practices just like he fought back on the federal government trying to infringe upon Texans’ freedom.

When Texas lawmakers return for a special session, they plan to pass a series of preemption laws that will undermine liberal counties and cities. These laws prevent liberal cities from overriding state lawmakers when it comes to some industries or policies.

Republicans are trying to preempt local communities on a national level, not just in Texas, on various topics like the minimum wage, the environment, or illegal immigration.
Image Source: Wikimedia