GOP Getting The Cold Shoulder From Cities To Host Their 2020 Convention


While President Donald Trump may have every intention of running for reelection in 2020 (provided he hasn’t been indicted or impeached), not many cities are excited about hosting the GOP convention.

Cities across the U.S. have already turned down hosting the 2020 Republican convention, though it may have more to do with high security costs and interruption of business more than Trump’s controversial policies and remarks.

However, GOP strategist Evan Siegfried notes that many of the cities that have turned down the Republicans are in Democratic cities:

“Most of the cities that have turned down the RNC are Democratic cities. Their leaders do not want to suffer blowback with their residents for hosting Trump and neither do they want to have local business owners angry because protesters smashed their store windows.”

Currently, there are only three cities even vying to host the GOP in two years, and Charlotte, North Carolina, is the only one willing to publicly admit they want Republicans to choose their city.

Members of the Las Vegas GOP have said they’d love to hold the convention in their city, but city officials are not enthusiastic about such a plan. The Hill reports:

“A spokesman for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority said the city had declined to submit a bid. The authority was not aware of another bid submitted on Las Vegas’s behalf.”

San Antonio, Texas, had initially expressed interest, but later pulled out of the bidding. Nashville, Tennessee and Philadelphia have also said they don’t want Republicans making their city home for the week of the 2020 GOP convention.

Ron Kaufman, head of the RNC’s site selection committee, tried to downplay the lack of enthusiasm from cities:

“They’re a little bit worried about costs and they’re a little bit worried about demonstrations. It’s getting harder and harder to find venues that can be tied up for as long as it takes for a modern convention to take place. That’s a problem.”

Democrats, in contrast, have several cities on their site list, including Atlanta, Birmingham, Alabama, Denver, Houston, Miami Beach, Florida, Milwaukee, New York, and San Francisco.

Perhaps the best place for Republicans to have their 2020 soiree would be Mar-a-Lago. That way Trump can make a buck off the event and play golf the entire time.

Featured Image Via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain