GOP’s Limp Leadership to Blame for Trump’s Political Affair

President Trump and Nancy Pelosi

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) thinks the GOP leadership’s lack of planning is partially to blame for Trump’s controversial debt ceiling deal with the Democrats. Jordan noted on Fox News that the first time GOP leaders discussed the debt ceiling was last Wednesday.

Jordan added that the Freedom Caucus had been asked to come up with a plan for raising the debt ceiling as early as nine and half weeks ago. Caucus members were even asked not to leave for recess until they had produced a plan. Instead, the GOP went on the longest recess in a nonelection year over the last decade or so.

Jordan disagrees with the current form of the deal, but he is confident his colleagues could add more pressure in the next round of talks about the debt ceiling. The next discussions will be held in December because the agreement between the president, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will produce effects for only three months.

GOP Should Come Up with a Plan by December

The GOP lawmaker is confident his party has enough time to put together a plan instead of waiting until the last minute as they have already done, leaving no time for the American public to issue an opinion.

When asked how much the debt ceiling deal has widened the divisions within the Republican party, Jordan replied the Washington GOP is about to reunite. He is confident the situation is “unique” and will not repeat in the future.

The lawmaker underlined that Trump and the conservatives in Congress remain committed to implementing what the American people elected them to do. When the Fox News anchor asked him if Ryan is on his way out, Jordan said that no one within the GOP plans to change the leadership.
Image Source: Wikimedia