GOP State Lawmaker To Muslim Students: Do You Beat Your Wife?

Muslim women

A group of Muslim students wanted to meet with Oklahoma state lawmaker, Rep. John Bennett, to discuss Islam-related issues, but they had to fill out a 17-question questionnaire first.

One of the questions was “Do you beat your wife” while another asked them whether they agreed with Mohamed when he killed pagans, Christians, and Jews that did not embraced his religion.

The three students that received the questionnaire said they were insulted because the “stupid and Islamophobic” questions were based on misinformation on what Islam really is about.

The students did not manage to see the lawmaker. Council on American-Islamic Relations’s head Adam Soltani blasted Bennett on Facebook for vetting the students with “hateful” and “bigoted” questions. Solatani wants the lawmaker to be held accountable.

Bennet said in a recent interview that the students weren’t able to meet with him because he had already left his office when they arrived. He acknowledged that he instructed his secretary to hand the questionnaire to the visitors and make an appointment to a later date to discuss the religious texts.

Bennet, who once likened Islam to cancer, said the questionnaire was based on info taken from Islamic scholars and religious texts. He even defended the wife-beating comment by saying that according to the Sharia Law, Muslim husbands can beat their wives and go unpunished.

Bennet added that this doesn’t mean that all Muslim husbands physically abuse their wives. He just wanted to underline that their religion allows them to do so.

He also wanted to “provoke the thought” of the three Muslim students. The lawmaker added that if those questions shocked them they need to do more research into their own religion in order to make informed decisions on what they support or not.

If they are aware of what Islam, Sharia, CAIR, jihadist stand for and still support it then they are part of the problem,

Bennett concluded.

Soltani found out that the largest grass-roots anti-Muslim group, Act for America, prepared the questions. The group of students visited the state’s legislature Thursday for a yearly event in which lawmakers answer state Muslims’ questions.

Soltani unveiled that the three students were aware of Bennett’s past anti-Muslim remarks but they wanted to show him what real Muslims were like. Solatani thinks that after the incident many Muslims will want to contact Bennett just to tell him their side of the story.

Nevertheless, it is highly unlikely that Bennett will change his views. He has a long record of insulting Muslims. For instance, in 2014, he told CNN that his state’s residents should “be wary” of Muslims residing in America.

Later that year, he said about Islam that it “is a cancer in our nation that needs to be cut out” since it tries to annihilate the Western civilization. Recently he called CAIR a “terrorist” group.
Image Source: Pixabay