GOP Is Scheming for Obamacare ‘Horror Stories,’ Instead They Got These

Obamacare supporters

Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress are scrambling to repeal Obamacare and have so far failed despite having the majority in both chambers. The American people disapprove of the effort by an overwhelming number, but that doesn’t stop the GOP.

Senate Republican Leader, Mitch McConnell pledged to schedule the vote for the Obamacare repeal bill before the Fourth of July but failed. Republicans are now conducting backdoor negotiations to get more support.

This PR Campaign Backfires

Meanwhile, the Republican party has tried to conduct a PR campaign to get the public’s support. The feedback was telling. In Indiana, VP Mike Pence’s home state, the local GOP asked Indianans to share their “Obamacare horror stories” on Facebook.

“Did you lose a doctor that you liked? Have your premiums increased? Did your insurer leave the exchange? Are burdensome regulations hurting your small business?[…] What’s your Obamacare horror story? Let us know,”

The post reads.

The replies were not what the Republicans hoped for. Most Indianans don’t want to lose the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, and they made their point quite clear in thousands of comments.

Some of the Testimonials

User Jeni Grant said her “horror story” was that her premiums went from $1,200 to $20, and still has access to her great doctors under Obamacare. She added that she was never denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, and she can easier buy insurance by going directly to the Marketplace and fending off agents.

Other users were thankful that they didn’t go bankrupt when a medical emergency occurred. Marcus Bjornson said his son’s delivery led to complications and the intervention was $30,000. Thanks to Obamacare, he and his wife had to pay out of pocket only $3,500.

A cancer survivor was content that he was able to get treatment for skin cancer even after he lost his job, while another user was thankful his mother was able to leave a horrible workplace where she stayed just for the health insurance when Obamacare was rolled out.
Image Source: Flickr