MSNBC Summer Cleaning: Parts Ways with Greta Van Susteren

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren

Former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren was given an early evening hour time slot at MSNBC six months ago, but after a poor show, the network decided to fire her and replace her with a Democratic host.

Van Susteren A Poor Choice

Van Susteren’s hiring was an odd choice from the start since MSNBC is more oriented on progressive values than anything else. The chances for a former conservative anchor to be successful on a left-leaning news network were very low. Fox’s audience would never watch MSNBC, while MSNBC’s viewers dislike conservative-flavored news analysis.

Still, the network took the risk and gave Van Susteren a show, which was a flop. By looking at the network ratings, it is clear that the shows following and preceding Van Susteren had more viewers than her own. Simply put, people changed the channel when she was on the air.

Van Susteren’s unpopularity came at a time when other prime time hosts had record ratings. Rachel Maddow dethroned Fox News and made it on the top of cable news programming. Lawrence O’Donnell is also a rising star. Maddow and O’Donnell’s shows repeats were even more popular than Van Susteren’s show.

MSNBC Fires Van Susteren

After half a year, the network management decided to “part ways” with the former Fox News.

MSNBC and Greta Van Susteren have decided to part ways,

The news channel’s president Phil Griffin announced.

He praised Van Susteren for her professionalism and for being one of the few broadcasters that had a show on tree major cable news networks. MSNBC “wished the best” to Van Susteren before showing her the door. Griffin also announced that she would be replaced with the network’s legal analyst and popular fill-in host, Ari Melber. Good job MSNBC.
Image Source: Wikimedia