He Who Laughs Last… Hillary Clinton Takes Veiled Swipe at Flynn after His Resignation

Hillary Clinton smiling
Photo credit: Stacy Revere/Getty Images
Hillary Clinton smiling
Photo credit: Stacy Revere/Getty Images

On Monday, Gen. Michael Flynn had to step down amid allegations that he forged secret alliances with a top Russian official about Obama administration’s election-related sanctions imposed on Russia. The news was interesting enough for Hillary Clinton to break her silence and make her voice heard on Twitter.

One of her former aides, Philippe Reines, took to Twitter to poke fun at the situation. He reminded both Gen. Flynn and his son, Mike Flynn Jr., that “what goes around COMETS around” with a reference to the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory heavily touted by alt-right groups in the 2016 campaign.

Mike Flynn Jr. even lost his job as Donald Trump’s campaign aide for fanning the fake news to the point that a gunman opened fire in a Washington D.C. pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong.

What’s more, General Flynn repeatedly blasted Clinton on the campaign trail for her mishandling of classified documents while using a private email server for her work at the State Department. Last summer, Gen. Flynn called for the arrest and imprisonment of the then-presidential candidate Clinton speech at the Republican National Convention, while crowds of Trump supporters chanted “lock her up!”

At the time, the general said that if he did “a tenth of what [Clinton] did, he would be in jail” that day. His remarks electrified the crowds even more with thousands of people asking from “crooked Hillary” to leave the race immediately.

But what goes around comes around and Clinton was the one to laugh last. On Monday, she replied to Reines’ tweet with:

Reines’ “own way of saying things” was maybe a hint at the Dominos job link he inserted in his message for the two now-jobless Flynns.

Trump’s embattled national security adviser had to step down late Monday night after several intelligence reports that he used encrypted messages to reassure the Russian ambassador to the U.S. that the Obama-era sanctions on Russia would be gone after Trump assumes office. Gen. Flynn reportedly worked behind Vice president Joe Biden’s back and misled the then-vice president-elect Mike Pence into believing that he had no contact with Russian officials.

In his resignation letter, Flynn acknowledged he gave Pence “incomplete information” about his communications with the Russian envoy. Pence originally said that Trump’s national security adviser had not discussed with the official about the sanctions’ fate before the new president’s inauguration.

The president appointed Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg as his national security adviser after Flynn’s departure. Kellogg had advised the president on the campaign trail and served as the National Security Council chief of staff under the new administration.

However, Trump had other officials in mind for the position including former CIA chief David Petraeus and former Navy SEAL Vice Admiral Robert Harward.

Interestingly enough, Trump’s team cannot make up their mind on the details of Flynn’s discussions with Russia. They backpedaled repeatedly over the last several weeks on details such as the dates of the contacts, the number, and the content of the discussions.

Image Source: nyoobserver