Warren Is Undeterred and Is Holding This Trump Cabinet Member Accountable

Sen Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is not afraid of picking on America’s most powerful bankers or chief executives. On top of that, she just proved that she will not shy away from holding the U.S. government accountable if it tries to cheat Americans for the sake of lobbyists.

Warren Unveils New Tool

Since Trump’s November victory, Sen. Warren’s newfound goal has been to hold the Trump administration accountable. One of the president’s Cabinet picks that Warren has been keeping a close eye on has been Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.

A few days ago, the Democrat unveiled a tool that would ensure DeVos and her clique properly manage America’s ballooning student debt. Warren wants the Department of Education to be transparent about the $1 trillion debt, so, she launched a new project dubbed ‘DeVos Watch.’

In a recent interview, the Senator blasted DeVos for her department’s recent changes in the student aid program which would make it a lot harder for students to repay their loans or afford higher education. Warren also underlined that the chief of the department’s student aid office stepped down overnight because of DeVos alleged political interference.

That’s why today I am announcing a new project to hold Secretary DeVos’ Department of Education accountable,

the Senator continued.

Public’s Feedback Is Welcome

The new initiative would constantly inform the public on the Department of Education’s decisions regarding federal grants and student loans. Americans are also invited to submit their findings and suggestions about the department’s actions to ‘DeVos Watch.’ Whistleblower tips are welcome.

It is worth noting Sen. Warren was behind the effort to prevent DeVos from taking the helm of the Department of Education during her confirmation hearings. Warren’s efforts were nearly successful as only 50 GOP Senators voted for Trump’s controversial pick. However, DeVos was saved by Vice President Mike Pence’s tie-breaker vote.
Image Source: Flickr