He’s A LIAR! Evidence Discovered In Gorsuch Writings


Here’s a shocker folks, another Trump nominee lied and is now trying to obtain a lifetime membership on the Supreme Court. Politico is reporting that one of the writings of Mr. Gorsuch was plagiarized.

His book, “The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia,” included nearly identical language to an article published in the Indiana Law Journal in 1984, according to the report. Both the book and an article from 2000 included borrowed ideas, quotes and structures of scholarly and legal works without citation.

Experts on plagiarism have spoken out and condemned Gorsuch writings.

“Each of the individual incidents constitutes a violation of academic ethics. I’ve never seen a college plagiarism code that this would not be in violation of,” Rebecca Moore Howard, a Syracuse University professor, and plagiarism scholar.

Elizabeth Berenguer, a law professor at Campbell Law School in Raleigh, N.C., said she would apply an academic writing standard.

“Even if it were a legal opinion, it would be plagiarism under either.”

The White House has responded and per the usual “alternative fact” blamed everyone else.

This false attack has been strongly refuted by highly-regarded academic experts, including those who reviewed, professionally examined, and edited Judge Gorsuch’s scholarly writings, and even the author of the main piece cited in the false attack,” said White House spokesman Steven Cheung. “There is only one explanation for this baseless, last-second smear of Judge Gorsuch: those desperate to justify the unprecedented filibuster of a well-qualified and mainstream nominee to the Supreme Court.”

This administration is now the most corrupt band of liars to set foot in the White House.

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Source: Politico