Fox News Host Sues HuffPost For Risque Story

The Five co-host Eric Bolling

Disgraced Fox News host Eric Bolling just slapped the Huffington Post reporter who wrote a report on him sending photos of his commando genitalia to female colleagues with a $50-million lawsuit. Never go full-commando.

Bolling Suspended after Report

According to the report, Bolling emailed disturbing and unsolicited photographs of his private parts to three co-workers or more. The report cited over a dozen people, who have seen or heard about the “deeply upsetting and offensive” images, as one of the victims described them. The victims were not identified.

On Saturday, Fox News said they would suspend the host due to the article published in Huffington Post. Bolling’s legal team said the accusations are ‘untrue and terribly unfair”.

His attorneys just filed a lawsuit against journalist Yashar Ali, who wrote the damning report. Bolling is seeking $50 million from the reporter for defamation arising from the piece that contained “false and misleading statements.” The Foxie accuses Ali of trying to “injure” his reputation. However, it is highly unusual for a defamation suit to target only a journalist, not the publication itself.

Bolling Is a Longtime Trump Supporter

A spokesperson for Huffington Post described Ali as a meticulous reporter and pledged to stand by his reporting. Ali tweeted that he isn’t intimidated by the lawsuit since he comes from Iran where his family members were either killed or jailed. “A lawsuit doesn’t scare me,” the reporter tweeted.

The law firm that Bolling hired is that of Trump’s private counsel Marc Kasowitz.

The Fox News personality has been a long-time Trump fan, and now he’s trying to prove that the real collusion happened between Hillary Clinton and the Russians. A couple of months ago, the president retweeted one of Bolling’s books, which is at odds with a federal ban on federal employees to endorse commercial products or services.
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