House Dems to Trump: You Should Be Fired

Presidential candidate Donald Trump

On Wednesday, nearly a dozen House Democrats introduced a first no confidence resolution, questioning the country’s chief executive’s actions and fitness for the job.

Dems Push Back Against Trump

Rep. Steve Cohen, who co-sponsored the bill, explained on Facebook his and his colleagues’ motives. He argued that the resolution of no confidence in the president is necessary because of Trump’s “unacceptable and often offensive” conduct since taking office in January.

The House lawmakers are displeased by Trump’s refusal to release his tax reruns, a move they deemed “unprecedented” for a modern-day president. They also criticized Trump for refusing to completely distance himself from his business empire, which could generate violations of the Constitution’s emoluments clause and a plethora of conflicts of interest.

Cohen pointed out that Trump ousted FBI Director James Comey at the time the bureau was investigating an alleged collusion between his campaign aides and the Kremlin. One day after firing Comey, he accidentally shared classified information with two top Russian diplomats visiting the White House. The incident shattered the trust of a longtime U.S. ally in the country’s ability to preserve top secret information.

Trump’s Probationary Period Expired

What’s more, Trump used his Twitter account to repeatedly insult the media, the nation’s courts, and Congress. His Cabinet, which is one of the richest American has ever seen, has the fewest number of minorities and women since President Ronald Reagan. Lawmakers are also disgruntled by the large gender pay gap in his Cabinet along with many other things.

President Trump has been President for six months and his probationary period is long over,

Rep. Cohen wrote on Facebook.

Democrats want the resolution to be a signal to Trump that they will no longer tolerate his actions, and that they have no confidence in his ability to govern the country.
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