House Republicans on Manhunt to Starve American Children


U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is livid.

He posted on his Facebook page: “This is how cowardly bullies operate. They take campaign contributions from the wealthy and the powerful, and then beat up on the children, the elderly, the sick and the poor.”

Sanders’ righteous indignation is brought to you by House Republications.

They’re weighing legislation to lower the number of students who receive free and reduced-price meals.



The House Education and Workforce Committee’s wants to scale back the number of schools which receive these meals. It now has a two-pronged attack: make the food choices less restrictive and save cash.

Rep. Todd Rokita of Indiana, added a line to the Republican amendment: block grants in three states as a trial period. This means those three states would no longer receive unlimited federal dollars for meals.

Republicans, including Rokita and committee chairman John Kline of Minnesota, allege the changes save money while ensuring that those with the highest need are still guaranteed meals. The bill raises community eligibility for schools in districts with high poverty rates.

Source: House bill would scale back number of free school meals