Houston Shooting Leaves Nine People Injured and the Suspect Dead

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Several days after the Houston shooting that shook the media, more and more details are emerging. The shooter managed to injure 9 people before police fatally shot him.

The shooting took place on Monday in front of an apartment complex. The shooter managed to injure 6 people directly. The other 3 were injured by glass shards. One person arrived at the hospital in critical condition, and one in serious condition.  Capt. Dwayne Ready, Houston Homicide and Police Chief Martha Montalvo were unable to say what motivated the shooter.

The gunman was later identified as Nathan DeSai. He lived in the condo complex where the shooting occurred. Police were able to uncover his identity and address based on Texas motor vehicle records. Apparently DeSai owned a Porsche, which was in front of the building at the time. A bomb squad robot had checked to see if the posed a threat.

The manager of the complex confirmed the police’s findings. Inside DeSai’s apartment, they found a worrying collection of vintage military memorabilia and items. Some dated back to the Civil War.

Authorities received the first report of the Houston shooting at around 6.30 in the morning. When police officers arrived at the scene, the man tried to shoot them as well. DeSai had two guns, both of which he legally owned. The first was a semiautomatic .45 caliber handgun.

The other weapon was a semiautomatic rifle, more commonly referred to as a Tommy Gun. He also had a knife. At the scene of the Houston shooting, police found around 75 bullet casings, the results of the exchange between the shooter and the police.

According to police reports, the man shot people at random, without any clear goal. A passing driver was injured. One police officer left cover to assist him. The other officers proceeded to engage the shooter.

The Identity of the Man Behind the Houston Shooting

Apparently the man responsible for the Houston Shooting was a lawyer. Early speculations claimed that he was furious with the law firm, either because he had lost his job, or because he had an unhappy relationship with the firm. Kenneth McDaniel, DeSai’s former partner at the law firm where he had worked, claimed otherwise. He argued that, indeed DeSai had lost his job, but the two had closed the firm in a joint decision, and this can’t be the cause of his fury.

McDaniel said he hadn’t spoken to DeSai in quite some time. But he did call his former partner on the mourning of the Houston shooting, to check if he was safe. McDaniel didn’t comment any further about this.

Police are still at the scene of the Houston shooting. They continue their investigation. Apparently, the gunman had around 2.500 rounds of ammo on his person, and in the car that allegedly belonged to him.

Earlier this year, in August, police investigated DeSai following a complaint from a team of roofers who were working on the condo complex. They claim DeSai came out and pointed a gun at them. However, when police arrived, they were unable to prove roofers claims and left DeSai alone.

Apparently, there is also some video evidence of the Houston shooting. The police body cams filmed the exchange. No word yet as to whether they will release the footage.

Image Source: Wikimedia