Watch: Huckabee Sanders Takes Swipe At James Comey Calling For This


Does Sarah Huckabee Sanders know that she speaks on behalf of the White House? One would think, given her title—White House press secretary—that this would be painfully obvious, but in a recent interview, she didn’t know for whom she was speaking when she suggested the Justice Department investigate former FBI Director James Comey.

On Tuesday, Sanders said that the Justice Department “should certainly look at” prosecuting Comey. This comes after the White House accused Comey of providing false testimony under oath and leaking classified information.

When Sanders was asked if President Trump would encourage the department to prosecute, she said, “That’s not the president’s role.” When asked if she would like to see the Justice Department prosecute Comey, Sanders replied, “I’m not sure about that specifically…” She went on to say that if it’s felt someone broke the law, their actions should be “looked at.”

To recap Sanders’ responses, it’s not Trump’s role to suggest the Justice Department prosecute. She’s not sure specifically if the department should prosecute. She said on Tuesday that the department should look at prosecuting Comey.

Back in May, Trump fired Comey, which he later said was because of Comey’s investigation into Trump’s campaign’s relationship with Russia. Later, Comey testified on Capitol Hill and detailed his relationship and dealings with Trump. Comey testified that Trump asked him to stop investigating Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser. Trump denied that he pressured Comey to drop that investigation.

The White House alleges that Comey illegally shared information with Daniel Richman, information that, according to Trump’s tweets, was classified. Richman said the material was not classified.

This situation may be a he-said she-said, but according to Sanders, she doesn’t seem to know who is calling for prosecuting Comey, despite the fact that she said it should be done.

Source: Politico