Hugh Laurie Takes Veiled Swipe at Trump during Golden Globes Speech

Hugh Laurie in House

British actor Hugh Laurie seems to be the uncrowned king of political jokes at the 74th edition of the Golden Globe Awards. During the acceptance speech, he took aim at the entire Republican establishment while stopping short of calling president-elect Donald Trump a billionaire with psychotic tendencies.

On Sunday night, the 57-year-old actor, received his third Golden Globe award but he hinted it may be his last. He thanked the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for the “amazing” opportunity before lashing out at the entire Republican party.

Laurie’s Speech

He looked at the award noting it has the words “Foreign,” “Hollywood,” and “Press” written on it. The three words in Laurie’s view may make Republicans ‘sketchy’. He added that not even “Association” is a safe word to use under a Republican administration.

The multiple award winning actor received this year’s award for Best Performance for his supportive part in the “The Night Manager”. It is the third time he wins a Golden Globe, after two other awards for his performance in the wildly popular TV series House. While impersonating Dr. House, he became one of the highest-paid actors in the history of television, raking about $409,000 per episode.

However, despite his climbing career he seemed rather gloomy even though he didn’t intend to be so. At the end of the speech, he said he accepted the Golden Globe “on behalf of psychopathic billionaires everywhere,” a veiled jibe at the country’s president-elect.

Laurie, however, was not the first or last Hollywood personality to take aim at Donald Trump on Sunday night. Comedian Jimmy Fallon suggested Trump would make a great impersonation of the Games of Thrones series’ “evil boy-king” King Joffrey.

Fallon also slammed Trump’s landing team for their inability to bring high profile artists to perform on the president-elect’s inauguration day. Fallon noted that even the worst opera singer out there, Florence Foster Jenkins, declined to show up at the inauguration.

Meryl Streep Steals the Limelight

Nevertheless, the speech that drew the most media attention was Meryl Streep’s, who accepted a lifetime achievement award. However, she used the occasion to criticize the president-elect’s intolerance and disrespect towards minorities. She was especially upset the next commander-in-chief mocked a disabled NYT reporter earlier last year. She noted the reporter couldn’t fight back because Trump, whom she didn’t mention by his name, outranked him in privilege and power.

It kind of broke my heart when I saw it,

Streep added.

She underlined the scene was not from a movie but from real life which is why she cannot get it out of her mind. She accused Trump of giving the green light to other people to humiliate disabled people nationwide.

In response, Trump called the three times academy award winning actress “over-rated”. He added that she is just a “Hillary flunky” who is upset her candidate ‘lost big’. The president-elect also said he didn’t mock the reporter’s disability but his way of altering a story in order to make him look bad on the campaign trail.

Just more very dishonest media!,

Trump tweeted on Monday afternoon.

The NYC billionaire hasn’t responded to Laurie’s and Fallon’s attacks.
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