Hypocrite Hannity Has Meltdown Over ABC News’ Story Correction


Sean Hannity went full hypocrite on Monday night when he had a meltdown over ABC News’ on-air mistake about Michael Flynn.

Flynn took a plea deal last week in exchange for testimony against Donald Trump and his family. ABC News reporter Brian Ross incorrectly stated that Flynn would testify that candidate Trump ordered him to contact the Russians. It eventually might be correct but that’s for the future to determine.

It was a mistake that Ross corrected later on, and he was suspended for four weeks without pay.

Trump immediately seized on the retraction to claim that the Russia investigation is a “witch hunt” and “fake news.”

Trump then called for the public to sue ABC.

And during his Monday night program on Fox News, Trump propagandist Sean Hannity followed-up Trump’s attack with his own.

“As we often say on the show, we are not the Destroy Trump Media,” Hannity began. “And if you are watching at home, have no doubts about fake news now being a clear, present danger to the Trump administration. They are the willing accomplices in all of this. And we have an example that should make you a believer. It’s scary, it’s real, and it proves what we’ve been saying on this program since 2008. Journalism in America is dead.”

He then played Ross’ original report and the correction before accusing ABC of purposely lying to the public. He even criticized ABC for not suspending Ross soon enough.

Here’s the video via YouTube. Hannity’s attack on ABC begins at the 12:18 marker.

Of course, Sean Hannity himself peddles fake news on a daily basis. But this particular outburst is incredibly hypocritical because after Fox News retracted the Seth Rich conspiracy theory story, Hannity continued peddling it without consequence and bragged about it.

“And all you in the liberal media, I am not Fox.com or Fox News.com. I retracted nothing,” Hannity said in May after the story was proved to be a total lie.

So, to recap, Hannity continued pushing a lie that Fox News retracted and he never was punished for it.

At least ABC News had the integrity to correct the record and punish their employee. You won’t see that kind of journalistic integrity from Fox News or Hannity.