Critics Ruthlessly Mock Donald Trump Over His “Tremendous Respect for Women” Tweet

Donald Trump and Melania Trump

On Wednesday, President Trump tried to pay tribute to women on International Women’s Day, tweeting that he has “tremendous respect for women” since they’re vital to the fabric of our society. In a second tweet, he urged men to join him in honoring women in America and across the world.

However, the message did not go well. His critics noted that his actions speak louder than words as he has a long track record of sexist remarks and conduct. Many Twitter users said that a man who gropes women without their consent has anything but a “tremendous respect” for them.

People also recall Trump calling women “fat pigs,” “slobs,” “dogs,” and “disgusting animals.” For instance, he called comedian Rosie O’Donnell a “fat pig” more than once and a “degenerate.” He called Arianna Huffington “a dog” for having bad looks and criticizing him. In addition, during the final presidential debate, he told his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton she was a “nasty woman.”

In 2005, he confessed to “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush that he could grab women by their genitals against their will because he is a star and can get away with it. The conversation was caught on a hot mic and nearly derailed his campaign.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was among the first to criticize Trump’s attempt to honor women. She said on MSNBC early Wednesday that talk was cheap and Trump should “put [his] money where [his] mouth is.” Warren wants the president to pour more funds in bipartisan efforts to help women, their families, and local communities.

In the meantime, Vice President Mike Pence presented his tribute too:

Nevertheless, on that day, Trump’s tweet set Twitter on fire. “Sir your words have determined this tweet a lie,” user Tony Posnanski tweeted back. Another user noted that separating women from their children at airports and the Mexican border is not the best way to honor them. Another user had doubts Trump wrote the message.

User Ton Skeel wanted to know how many women were in Trump’s cabinet exactly, while user Debbie Katz suggested nominating a female SCOTUS justice would be a good place to start. Other tweets had a similar tone:

Image Source: Wikimedia