Fox News Has A Train Creeping Up In The Rear View Mirror

Three MSNBC anchors

Over the last few weeks, MSNBC has hired several right-wing commentators, many of whom were imported from Fox News. For instance, Greta Van Susteren who left the conservative news network in September 2016 now can call MSNBC her new home as she now has her own show.

Conservatives Joining the Network in Droves

Conservative political pundit Hugh Hewitt and former Fox News contributor George Will have also joined MSNBC. And so did former White House Communications Director under George W. Bush, Nicolle Wallace, who was also given a show.

MSNBC has traditionally addressed a more liberal audience, so it is a surprise for it to hire so many conservative personalities. In addition, Joe Scarborough, a former Republican, was given three hours in the morning. In the evening, though, the prime-time stars are openly liberal: Laurence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes, and Rachel Maddow.

Analysts believe MSNBC took a slight rightward turn because it pays off handsomely. The network indeed reported the highest ratings in years. Maddow has recently managed to beat Fox in the most critical demographic for advertising: the 25 to 54 year olds. According to Adweek, the MSNBC’s prime time audience jumped 61% while the number of its total viewers rose 82% from a year prior.

Some Right-Wingers with Miserable Ratings Still on MSNBC

However, why MSNBC decided to keep right-wing personalities like Van Susteren whose ratings are now sinking remains a mystery. Joy Reid, whose Saturday morning show is very appealing to the network’s overwhelmingly liberal audience, could have been given Van Susteren’s or Wallace’s time slot. Fortunately, Keith Olbermann who left the network for not being allowed to grill conservatives as much as he liked is reportedly coming back to MSNBC.

We do not yet know if MSNBC is trying to morph into a right-leaning network, but if it does, it would be a great loss as Fox News often fails to report the real situation in Washington, while CNN reports it, but it invites all sorts of pundits that provide absurd explanations to it.
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