Israeli Intelligence Says Trump’s Syria Strike Failed Spectacularly

Trump Syria

President Donald Trump’s missile strike against Syria was an embarrassing failure, according to Israel intelligence and defense officials – not even close to the “perfectly executed strike” he claimed it to be.

Last week, Trump threatened Russia with a missile strike in Syria in response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons, thus telegraphing the military move he would order just two days later.

Russia took the threat seriously and warned Syria to evacuate the bases that were targeted by the strikes.

Trump would brag the next day about the strike and declared victory.

But Trump’s missile strike did not impress our Israeli allies.

Israeli intelligence and defense officials told Ynetnews that the mission was definitely not “accomplished.” A defense official said:

“If President Trump had ordered the strike only to show that the US responded to Assad’s use of chemical weapons, then that goal has been achieved. But if there was another objective — such as paralyzing the ability to launch chemical weapons or deterring Assad from using it again — it’s doubtful any of these objectives have been met.”

Indeed, Israeli officials say that the strike did not destroy most of Assad’s chemical weapons and hardly touched Syria air force, which gives them the ability to continue waging chemical warfare. It’s a blunder that echoes Trump missile strike against Syria last year when an airbase Trump crowed about destroying was actually back up and running soon after.

The Israelis also have a problem with Trump declaring “Mission Accomplished” after the strike.

“The statement of ‘Mission Accomplished’ and (the assertion) that Assad’s ability to use chemical weapons has been fatally hit has no basis. Assad has not been deterred from using chemical weapons again.”

Trump isn’t just being criticized by Israeli defense and intelligence officials, but also a diplomatic source as well. The source said in a clear condemnation of Trump’s threat to order a missile strike that:

“If you want to shoot — shoot, don’t talk. In the American case, this is mostly talk. They themselves show actions are not going to follow.”

So, Trump has once again, embarrassed our country and our military. And the world was most definitely watching. Russia, Syria, and Israel now know that Trump is all talk and that he is incapable of leading the military.

For all the hundreds of billions of dollars in funds Trump has bragged about getting for the military, all it bought was a failed missile strike that did nothing but inflame Russia and disappoint our allies.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot.



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