Despite This Change Ivanka Is Breaking the Law

Ivanka Trump speaking with flags behind her

According to a Wednesday statement from a White House official, President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, is going to be a government employee officially. She will not receive a salary and will work in the West Wing. In an official statement, Ivanka herself said that having heard the many concerns regarding her advisory role in the president’s team, she decided to serve as an unpaid employee at the White House. She will follow the same rules as all the other staff. Ivanka also acknowledged the fact that her role does not have a precedent and that the people are right to worry and raise questions about it.

Adviser to the President

Ivanka Trump will be, from now on, an adviser to the president. In an unsigned statement, the White House said that they are happy that Ivanka has decided to take on this unpreceded role. She will be a valuable help for President Trump. According to his attorney, Jamie S. Gorelick, with this move, Ivanka proved that she is willing to listen to opinions that are opposing her actions. She also confirmed that she wants to commit to the federal ethics standard and do everything legally. 

Her new position will be interesting, especially when taking into account that her husband, Jared Kushner, is also a top Trump aide. Moreover, he is an unpaid government employee too. So, they are slowly becoming the new White House power couple, especially seeing how the first lady, Melania Trump, is still living in New York. According to what a White House official said last week, Ivanka officially settled into her West Wing office. She is also going to get a security clearance and communications devices from the government.

Violation of law?

However, many people have said that what Ivanka Trump is doing violates a 1967 nepotism law. That law says that a public official is not allowed to hire or promote a relative in any post. What is interesting is that Trump and Kushner may have a way out. The law stresses that this person should not receive pay from the government for their work. So, this is this is the arragngement the Trump Administration put together by publicly announcing that they are not going to get a salary. Kushner joined the team back in January. The Justice Department said that he is not violating any nepotism law and that everything is perfectly legal.

Also in January, Ivanka Trump took a break from her fashion and accessories business and the Trump Organization. Her job as an adviser is not going to be anything new for her. She has always been by her father’s side. Ivanka was executive vice president of real estate development and acquisition at her father’s organization. She also helped him a lot during his presidential campaign. Gorelick also explained that from now on, Ivanka will be “the eyes and ears” of the president and his most trusted advisor. All in all, we will see what Ivanka is going to do as the advisor to the president, now that her position is official too.

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