Ivanka Trump Owes New York State $5K in Unpaid Taxes


The state of New York recently slapped President Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka with a tax warrant as one of her companies, the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, failed to pay $5,000 in taxes. The Fifth Avenue luxury jewelry store offers high-end items with prices ranging from $1,000 to $20,000.

Earlier this month, Ivanka was still featuring as the chief executive officer of her jewelry stores in New York and Florida even though she said she picked Abigail Klem to replace her. On February 2, one of Trump Organization’s top executives Alan Garten publicly announced that the president’s daughter had finished all the necessary paperwork to step down from the two positions.

Several weeks ago, Ivanka’s brand could be found online and in more than 60 locations including in the luxury department stores Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. However in early February, Nordstrom announced that it decided to severe business ties with Ivanka. The decision sparked nearly immediate backlash from the president who complained on social media that the company treated his daughter “unfairly.”

However, the Seattle-based company is not the only one to pull Ivanka’s products from shelves. Amazon-owned Jet.com, Burlington Coat Factory, and Belk no longer sell her products on their e-commerce platforms.

Neiman Marcus, which Ivanka’s website still counts as a business partner, recently removed her jewelry line from its website and many of its brick-and-mortar locations. The company explained that it had to trim down the consignment business with the businesswoman due to productivity issues.

However, Ivanka has been struggling with financial and legal troubles before her father became the nation’s commander-in-chief. Last March, a federal court in New York ordered her NYC-based business to compensate KGK Jewelry LLC with $3 million for breaching a contract. Allegedly, KGK delivered the store jewelry multiple times but Ivanka’s boutique refused to pay more than once.

At the time, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry said that it didn’t have to make more payments because its business partner had delivered products of “substandard quality” and had delays in returning some computer design files.

The New York Supreme Court wasn’t impressed with the argument and forced the firm to fork out $3,059,590. KGK said after the decision that it had complied with all its contractual obligations during its 110-year history. A spokesperson for the company also said they were pleased the judges did them justice so they could turn their entire attention to supplying its customers with beautiful gems and jewelry.

The state tax warrant against Mrs. Trump was filed last month and it hasn’t been paid off.

However, Ivanka is not the only one in the Trump family to have problems with her taxes. Her father has been dogged by tax issues since the presidential election as he failed to release his tax returns. What’s more, a recent petition on the White House’s official website asking him to disclose his tax returns accrued over 1 million signatures. It is the most popular White House petition to date.

It is worth noting that the petition got so many supporters in only one month after the president’s inauguration. This means that many Americans are still very interested in the new president’s tax affairs. Trump’s top adviser Kellyanne Conway, however, said last month that the president wasn’t planning to disclose returns, citing an ongoing IRS audit.
Image Source: Wikimedia