Playing Politics: Ivanka Sits in Trump’s Place at G-20 Table

President Donald Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump

The president’s eldest daughter and senior adviser took her father’s seat Saturday at a G-20 session with the Turkish, Russian, and Chinese presidents, British prime minister Teresa May, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Ivanka’s Move Met with Criticism

The move sparked a huge backlash with critics accusing the president of nepotism and poor decision-making skills as Ivanka is not qualified to discuss stringent issues with the world’s leaders.

Ivanka, 35, reportedly took Trump’s place at least twice over the weekend, but she did not speak. One of her spokespersons told reporters that her place was in the back of the room, but she briefly joined the roundtable when Trump left the room.

World Bank’s head Jim Yong Kim presided over the meeting which was about migration and health in Africa, two topics that are important for Ivanka and the World Bank as they have a special fund to address the issues.

Ivanka’s role at the White House is to advise the president on topics like women’s empowerment and paid family leave. So, it is unfit for her to address other issues at a global leadership forum. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) blasted the First Daughter for “playing politics” at a meeting Trump should have represented us as the leader of the free world. Waters noted that Ivanka doesn’t know anything about the issues discussed in that session, so, her place was not there.

An ‘Inappropriate’ Behavior

Political analyst Zerlina Maxwell, who was in charge with the media for the Hillary Clinton campaign last year, labeled Ivanka’s move as “inappropriate.” Maxwell underlined that the president’s daughter does not have any experience and qualifications to sit around a table with global leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Theresa May.

This just goes to, I think, the level of inherent corruption in this administration,

Maxwell said.
Image Source: Wikimedia