Ivanka Trump Has No Influence in the White House

Ivanka Trump speaking

On Sunday, Politico reported that contacts close to Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner say that the public has to lower their expectations on the influence they have on President Trump. While Ivanka has been pushing for certain policies that might not come in agreement with the Republicans, so far she has accomplished nothing of notice.

Ivanka Is Aware of the Criticism

According to Politico, Ivanka Trump is currently pushing for the child care tax credit to be introduced in Congress as part of the tax reform. She reportedly is also concerned about the plans for the 2018 budget to include paid family leave. So far, however, nothing has come to fruition. Critics took into consideration the speculations that she could reconcile potential disagreements in the White House, but ultimately, she’s failed to do so.

Contacts close to Ivanka said that she is aware of the criticism. However, her power in the White House is not very significant, especially with regards to her father. Politico reports that Ivanka was one of the leading figures in the White House trying to persuade Trump to stay in the Paris Agreement, along with Kushner and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The situation was a hard blow to Ivanka’s credibility as a senior adviser.

Ivanka’s Defense

On the other hand, according to Politico, Ivanka wishes to work with Republicans to achieve her goals. In addition, going against them might look too liberal. Previously, on an edition of Fox & Friends, Ivanka stated that she and her father have disagreements on certain areas. Moreover, it would be strange if their views would align every single time.

Ivanka did manage to limit damages on issues like abortion and LGBTQ discrimination. However, the progressives who have had high expectations of what she can do have expressed their disappointment, especially because Ivanka has access to the president at all times.

Image source: Flickr.