Foreign Lies: Ivanka Using Chinese Labor Despite Trump’s ‘Made In America’ Pledge

Donald Trump

Ivanka Trump is still using cheap Chinese labor for her clothing line, shoes, and handbags, despite Donald Trump campaign pledge to ‘Buy American’ and ‘America First’ platform.

Buy American, Hire Chinese

Dozens of container ships from China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh are ferrying into America hundreds of pounds of foreign-made merchandise. According to a report, over 2,000 shipments carried millions of pounds of Ivanka-branded products into the U.S. between 2010 and 2017.

The Washington Post recently found that the First Daughter relies exclusively on cheap foreign labor to manufacture her products, even though her ‘life’s mission’ is to empower women. Women working in countries like China, Indonesia, and Bangladesh are often abused, underpaid, and overworked.

Trump was often heard on the campaign trail:

We will follow two simple rules — buy American and hire American.


America First.

He also repeatedly blasted China for “stealing” American jobs. This may be why the Trump team unveiled an initiative called “Made in America,” which is slated to be rolled out Tuesday. The three-week campaign will come in three different flavors each week.

Trump’s Made in America Campaign

The first week will be dubbed “American Heroes week,” with American heroes being the country’s hardworking blue-collar employees who are crucial for a Trump reelection in 2020. The final week will be dubbed the “American Dream week,” even though the American Dream is increasingly harder to achieve nowadays.

According to a report from the Department of Labor, manufacturing jobs haven’t yet rebounded to their pre-Great Recession levels. The report revealed that American had 13.7 manufacturing jobs in 2008, while today there are 12.4 million left.

CNN found that, even though the number of U.S. manufacturing jobs increased slightly under Trump, automation would kill even more jobs. This is why Trump promises to bring jobs home and inform the public via his Made in America campaign, even though his daughter has no problem with basing her business model on Chinese sweatshops.

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