Trump Tries To Emulate Obama and Creates New Agency Run By Kushner

Jared Kushner talking

On Monday, president Donald Trump is going to reveal a new agency of the White House which will be called the “Office of American Innovation”. The interesting part is that its head will be president Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Thanks to his new position, Kushner will have extensive powers to overhaul some federal procedures and to make some government responsibilities private. According to a report, he will be doing this by picking ideas from the business community.

A new office

This new office will report directly to the president of the United States. Its staff is going to be made of important members of the business community. A very interesting fact about the new office is that its advisors are going to be the heads of some of the most important technology companies. Among them will be Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, Tesla and SpaceX’s Elon Musk, former Microsoft executive Bill Gates and many others.

However, this new administrative office comes as a slap in the face of those who numerous times said that the Federal Government is relying too much on help from other branches of the government and on other states. Moreover, this might also come as a response from the president after Friday’s disastrous vote which did not allow his health care bill to pass and replace Obamacare. With this office, he might want to move policy creation inside the executive branch and take it further and further away from the Congress. The president released an official statement in which he said that he is doing what he promised to the America people. He is applying the “ahead of schedule, under budget” mentality to the government. According to Trump, this agency will help his administration deliver what he promised to the people.

The Internet’s opinion

Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s husband, and Donald Trump’s son-in-law are one of those people who are always very close to everything that is going on inside the administration. According to the 36-year old, the government should run like a company. He is also seeing the American citizen as being this company’s customers.

Many people have already begun commenting on the creation of this new agency, and their verdict is not very kind. Many of them do not agree with this new agency. Others do not like Kushner and his ideas and shared their opinions on the Internet. 

According to a report, Ivanka Trump will also collaborate with her husband in what concerns the leading of this new office. A very interesting discovery is that former president Barack Obama allegedly had a rather similar idea in the past. At least, this is what people on Twitter have discovered.

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