Jeff Flake Predicts Trouble For Trump In 2020


A couple months back, Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) announced that he will not seek re-election for his Senate seat in 2018. Flake is a notorious critic of Trump and has made no secret of his disapproval for his the President who leads his party.

NPR’s Robert Siegel interviewed the senator Thursday on All Things Considered. One of the topics they touched on made for big news.

Flake made it clear, that if President Trump seeks re-election (he emphasized that is quite an if) that the president will likely face s primary challenge. Flake said, “Well, we’re assuming he is running for reelection. I don’t think that’s a safe assumption. He may not. I’m not among those who think that he’s going to be impeached or removed from office, but I am among those who questions whether or not he’ll give it a go the next time around.”

Flake said that Trump would face a challenge, if not from a Republican in a primary race, then certainly from an independent. He suggested that with the Democratic party moving further left, there may be a public demand for an independent candidate.

“If you have Donald Trump, if he still can manage to carry his base, as he calls it, that could be and should be enough to get him re-nominated, but it certainly won’t be enough to get him reelected,” the senator explained.

While it is no surprise the Flake would suggest an alternative to President Trump in 2020, it is what he said about his own future that came as a surprise. When asked if he might challenge President Trump in a 2020 primary bid, Flake said that it is not off the table.

“That’s not in my plans, but I don’t rule anything out,” said Flake.

Flake may be retiring this year but it doesn’t look like he will be leaving the political arena or halting his criticism of the president anytime soon.

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