Jill Stein Interview Goes Off The Rails When She’s Asked About Russia (Video)


While most of the attention regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election has been focused on the Trump campaign, it’s also important to remember that the Green Party and their presidential candidate, Jill Stein, are also under suspicion for having possibly conspired with the Kremlin.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has requested documents from the Green Party related to the 2016 election, but Stein’s party has only turned some of them, which led CNN host Chris Cuomo to ask Stein:

“If you don’t fully comply that means you’re hiding something. If you’re hiding something, that makes people suspicious that maybe you had something to do with the Russian interference?”

Stein tried to spin her failure to comply with the Senate Intel Committee by responding:

“Let’s get the facts straight. We complied with everything relevant to the question of Russian interference. we turned over all of our communications with Russian media, government, business, although there was no communications to turn over, like-wise anything having to do with Wikileaks or with opposition research or Fusion GPS.

“What we didn’t turn over was material that basically protects the civil liberties of all Americans. at a time when our civil liberties are really being seriously eroded.”

Yet when Cuomo asked what Stein had refused to turn over to the Senate, she went off on a bizarre rant that sounded a great deal like the talking points the Russian government has repeatedly used:

“So let me say I think it would be naive to think that Russia did not try to interfere. Certainly that’s what the United States does and that’s not to justify it. Interference is wrong and it’s an assault against democracy, and it should be pursued. But we should pursue it knowing that we do it too, as James Woolsey, the former CIA head recently said publicly, I believe it was on Fox, yes! We’re doing that and we always do it and the records show we do it about twice as much as the Russians over the course of the past.”

Yes, she defended Russia by saying the U.S. does even worse things to other countries.

Even CNN reporter Jim Sciutto couldn’t help but comment on what Stein told Cuomo, tweeting out:

If Jill Stein — much like Donald Trump — refuses to give direct answers to questions regarding the last election, it certainly creates suspicion that she has something to hide.

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