Is He Or Isn’t He? Biden Just Left it Open-Ended


In a report from ABC News former Vice President and 2016 king of dank memes, and possible animated show, Joe Biden remained non-committal when pressed about a potential 2020 Presidential run.

Responding about whether he was going to pursue a path towards the Presidency in 2020, Biden said

I’m not closing the door. I’ve been around too long. Today, I’m a great respecter of fate.

Joe Biden is still well-beloved by many members of the Democratic establishment and may even be able to forge a path forward with the constituency created by Senator Bernie Sanders with his primary run in 2016 galivanting the progressive base of the party into action.

With Biden’s strong Anti-Trump stance and his 3 and-a-half decades serving in the Senate, along with his bona fides as Vice President of the United States and 2 previous Presidential runs, he makes a strong statement by remaining non-committal. It means he hasn’t ruled it out.

However, Biden admits that the way ahead may not be clear. In addition to his age – Biden would be 77 on election day 2020 – he also makes clear that politics is a volatile and unpredictable profession.

But who knows what the situation is going to be a year and a half from now. I don’t have any idea.

There is no telling how the landscape for 2020 may begin to look before a single primary vote for the midterms has occurred. Biden has maintained his commitment to Democratic victories in the mid-term before he looks towards the future or the possibility of a Presidential run.

Many Democrats now lament the fact that Joe Biden sat out the 2016 primary election, especially after the devastating loss brought on by Hillary Clinton. No one, however, can begin to blame Biden for having sat out the election with the untimely passing of his son and the toll that took on his family.

Maybe 2020 will see Biden rise to the top, channeling the people and winning over the often hard-to-convince swath of the Sanders progressive base.