John McCain Tears Into Trump For These Comments

Sen. John McCain

Donald Trump recently blamed the U.S. Congress for the souring relationships between our country and Russia, which made Sen. John McCain furious.

U.S.-Russia Relationship at an “All Time Low.”

The president tweeted Thursday that the relationship between the two countries has hit an “all time low,” and encouraged his supporters to “thank Congress” for the mess.

McCain didn’t contradict Trump on the fact that the U.S. relationship with Russia is rapidly deteriorating, but he disagrees that Congress should take the blame. In response, the Arizona senator reiterated that the Russian relationship is at a dangerous low, but the American people should “thank Putin” for staging an attack on democracy, threatening U.S. allies, and invading neighbors.

McCain’s reaction will certainly make Trump angry, but the congressman is right that the American people don’t like their presidents and democracy to be compromised by a hostile power.

Trump is now furious about Congress’ sanctions bill aimed at Russia. The piece of legislation was passed in both houses on a nearly unanimous vote. The bill also bars Trump from lifting those sanctions on his own. He will need congressional approval to do it.

Simply put, Russia will no longer be able to lobby the Trump administration for preferential treatment in the foreseeable future, and Trump is losing it.

McCain Defends the Bill

On Wednesday, the president finally signed the bill into law, citing ‘national unity.’ However, he did attack the bill for being ill-conceived and containing a “number of clearly unconstitutional provisions.”

McCain thinks that the president’s “concerns” are misplaced, and pointed out why Trump was wrong on the bill’s unconstitutionality. He noted that the authors of the U.S. Constitution designed the presidency and the U.S. Congress as two separate, but equal branches of the government. “This bill has already proven the wisdom of that choice,” McCain added.
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