John McCain Slams Russia and Jabs At White House Foreign Policy

Sen. John McCain

In a recent interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Republican Senator John McCain did not mince words when it came to the alleged Trump-Russia collusion on the campaign trail. The lawmaker believes Russia President Vladimir Putin may be a greater threat to the U.S. democracy than ISIS itself.

Russia Can Do More ‘Terrible Things’ to U.S. Than ISIS

He acknowledged Islamic terrorists can do “terrible things,” but the Russians who tried to alter the outcomes of a democratic election in America are far worse than that. In other words, in McCain’s opinion, Putin has the potential of inflicting much more damage upon the U.S. and other democracies than ISIS has.

McCain underlined that Moscow tried to influence the presidential elections in France and the Baltic states and invaded Ukraine with no sign of remorse. So, it is a fair assessment for the Senator to see Russia as a major risk for the U.S. and other countries of the world.

McCain also slammed the Trump administration for the way it has handled the Russia scandal to date. He noted that the U.S. has “done nothing” to sanction Putin for the Russian meddling in the November elections.

So, way to go Vladimir. We haven’t responded at all,

McCain quipped.

McCain Wants More Sanctions

Meanwhile, Trump and his cronies have tried to deny the Russian interfering while distracting the public’s attention from the real pressing matters. Yet, the Arizona senator is not at peace with the current situation. McCain wants more sanctions on Russia and pledged to push for those sanctions when the Senate is back in session.

McCain criticized Trump for being too cozy with the Russians on other occasions. He told Newsweek that the Russia scandal has become so ‘bizarre’ that you cannot make that up. Earlier this month he voiced concerns that the controversy which in his eyes, is “reaching Watergate-size and scale,” was not good for the U.S. democracy.
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