Natural Born Enemies: Journalist Exposes Source of Trump’s CNN Tweet; Gets Death Threats

Trump wrestling CNN

Trump shocked the nation when he posted a short clip showing him violently assaulting a man whose head was covered by the CNN logo based on a decade-old footage of wrestling promotion.

Trump’s Mysterious Source Of Anti-Media Memes

Many saw the move as being beneath the office of the presidency, but few people knew where the president got the video from. The footage is the work of a Redditor named “HanAssholeSolo” who also happens to share white supremacist views.

The Redditor was exposed over the weekend by a journalist who has received death threats in return. Trump’s controversial source of memes is also trying to find somebody with the necessary skills to build a Counter-Strike map in which Mexicans trying to get past the border wall would be shot dead.

Journalist Jared Yates Sexton, who made the revelations, was threatened by Trump supporters. He said that while some of them thought that he was a Jew because he took a stand against anti-Semitism, other called him a race-traitor.

What’s more, on Neo-Nazi websites, there are memes of him and the Nazis’ propaganda chief Goebbels asking him not to test his patience. Other memes are taken from the 1994 flick Natural Born Killers in which a reporter is shot and killed execution style.

A Volatile Environment

He added that some of his tweets received links to articles about reporters being murdered with “gory details.” Sexton disagrees with Trump’s CNN video for multiple reasons.

He noted that Trump started the madness when he called the country’s press the true enemy of the people. He also insulted the media many times calling journalists liars and scum. Plus, people like Infowars founder Alex Jones are allowed to call people working in the mainstream media child molesters and Satan worshippers

This environment we have right now is volatile. Some of these threats are empty, but people who are unwell consume this stuff,

Sexton said.