Kelly to Sessions: The Call About Sessions’ Job

Gen. John F. Kelly,

According to people briefed on the matter, Trump’s new Chief of Staff John Kelly personally called the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to tell him that he won’t lose his job despite the public’s negative opinion of him.

Sessions Targeted by Trump

The phone call happened over the weekend in the midst of a public shaming campaign ran by the president against his AG.

Unnamed sources familiar with the conversation contacted the Associated Press for the story. The reports were later confirmed by several news outlets citing unnamed White House officials.

During that phone call, Kelly reportedly told the Attorney General that Trump was still frustrated with him, but the president doesn’t plan to sack him anytime soon. The assurance comes after two weeks of personal attacks on Sessions by the President. Trump repeatedly called him “beleaguered” and “weak” for failing to order a new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

In an interview with the New York Times, Trump admitted that he wouldn’t have picked Sessions for the job if he had known that he would recuse himself from any Russia-related investigations.

Sessions Doesn’t Plan to Resign

While Trump kept criticizing him in the media, Sessions was reportedly not in touch with the president. Last week, the embattled AG described the presidential criticism toward him as ‘hurtful,’ but said he didn’t plan to step down.

Political pundits, Trump supporters, and even some critics are hopeful Gen. Kelly could help turn things around at the White House. The former Secretary of Homeland Security recently said that so many issues keep him alert at night that he doesn’t go to sleep anymore.

Kelly is known for saying to the public that if they saw somebody ‘acting strangely’, they should report him or her to the local enforcement. “Every citizen is in my view, an intelligence collector,” the retired General added. Apparently, Sessions hasn’t aroused his suspicions, yet.
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