KellyAnne Spins Out Of Control Over Russian Investigation (Video)


Later this evening, Donald Trump will deliver his first State of the Union address, so the White House surrogates fanned out across the major news networks to drum up viewers for what promises to be a speech filled with platitudes, empty rhetoric, and plenty of lies.

Senior presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway was the guest on CNN’s New Day, and things got tense when host Chris Cuomo asked Conway about Russian interference in the 2016 election. Conway responded to Cuomo’s by asking a question, too:

What did they do in the election?”

Cuomo told Conway:

They interfered with this election and tried to disrupt our democracy and they’re doing it right now.”

As administration officials always do, Conway had to try and shift the conversation to — you guessed it — Hillary:

Do you think that’s why he won and why the person whose name I never mention on TV anymore lost?”

The CNN host smacked down Conway’s argument by telling her:

No, I don’t but I think you going there by default explains why there’s such resistance to doing anything about the Russian interference. Leave it alone. He won. Punish them for what they did.”

When Cuomo mentioned that the administration had repeatedly failed to make Russia pay for their actions in 2016, Conway tried to pretend there was nothing the least bit unsavory about the election:

Do you feel the least bit pushed back or a little ashamed that we’ve had person after person on your network and elsewhere for a year…promising Russian collusion, impeachment, treason is coming around the corner?”

Near the end of the interview, Conway started to sound like Trump himself, bragging about how the president had won despite the odds against him:

Everybody who said Donald Trump couldn’t win, everybody who said the election was all wrapped up, every screaming headline, every wrong poll, every anchor, every pundit who said this is over, it’s a joke, he can’t win…tried to interfere in the election.”

Yeah, but those polls, anchors, and pundits were all Americans, Kellyanne. Now let’s discuss the larger matter of what assistance your boss received from the Kremlin. Oh, and while we’re at it, how about if he finally releases his taxes?

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