Kids Keep Taking On The Government – This Time Over The Environment


The White House keeps getting taken to task by the kids of America. A group of 21 kids, along with an environmental group, are suing the federal government. They argue that the government knows full well the effects of climate change on the environment, and does nothing about it. They say that the administration has a constitutional duty to protect the world we live in from future damage in whatever way it can.

The Trump administration has tried to halt the case in its tracks, but according to The Hill, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals shut them down.

“The San Francisco-based Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled that it would be premature to dismiss the case based on how burdensome the Trump administration believes the process of searching for documents and questioning people will be, a process called discovery.”

The lawsuit is against some federal agencies and shows a determination rising in the youngest members of society to get things done that their politicians won’t. Similarly, Cameron Kasky, a student at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting on Feb. 14, became an overnight sensation for pressuring Senator Marco Rubio on his ties to the NRA.

The plaintiffs, aged 10 to 21, are taking on the most famous climate change denier in the world – the current president of the United States. For a quick reminder, the president once said on Twitter that climate change was a “hoax created by and for the Chinese.”

In the official complaint, the kids call out the abuses of the government:

“For over fifty years, the United States of America has known that carbon dioxide (“CO2”) pollution from burning fossil fuels was causing global warming and dangerous climate change…Defendants have acted with deliberate indifference to the peril they knowingly created. As a result, Defendants have infringed on Plaintiffs’ fundamental constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property.”

The upholding of the legal validity of the case is a win in and of itself and may lead to more protections for the environment. Plainly put, the youth of America are no longer settling for the world we’ve built for them – they’re building it themselves.

Image provided via Flickr by Lorie Shaull