Kim Jong-Un: ‘A Nuclear Button Is Always On My Desk’

missile launch Kim Jong-Un

In yet another escalation of the war of words between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader made quite a concerning claim on New Year’s Eve.

Trump and Jong-Un have been at each other’s throats throughout the last year, with Trump repeatedly threatening to destroy the entire North Korean people.

Back in August Trump warned that “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire, and fury like the world has never seen.”

Trump’s words smacked of nuclear aggression, so it’s little wonder that North Korea stepped up their effort to produce a nuclear weapon.

Trump would later double down on his rhetoric, warning that he will “totally destroy North Korea” during a speech to the United Nations.

Kim Jong-Un would respond by calling Trump a “dotard” an insult that has since gone viral.

It would also cause Trump to throw a tantrum on Twitter.

After a little more back and forth, Trump claimed that he is handling the situation.

So, of course, the situation wasn’t handled, and Kim Jong-Un upped the ante with a New Year’s Eve message on Sunday warning the United States that he can call for a nuclear strike with a single push of a button on his desk.

“The United States can never fight a war against me and our state,” he said. “It should properly know that the whole territory of the U.S. is within the range of our nuclear strike and a nuclear button is always on the desk of my office, and this is just a reality, not a threat.”

Meanwhile, Trump has been playing golf the whole week instead of working like he claimed he would be doing after Christmas Day.

He has failed when it comes to North Korea, and he has only made things worse by insulting and threatening North Korea and Kim Jong-Un. Trump has no clue what the hell he is doing, and if he remains in office much longer, we could see nuclear Armageddon, all because Trump’s ego is fragile and his temper is uncontrollable.

Featured Image: Flickr