Kushner Reveals This Ahead of Senate Intelligence Committee Appearance

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

Jared Kushner, Trump’s koosh-ball son-in-law and senior adviser, decided to release a statement ahead of his appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday. He says he did not collude with Russia. Right…

Kushner Says No Collusion Here

Kushner decided to have his piece before he met behind closed doors with the SIC.”I did not collude, nor know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded, with any foreign government,” Kushner revealed. On Tuesday he is also expected to meet with the House Intelligence Committee and both committees are conducting investigations into links between Trump associates and Russia during the election. Kushner released an 11-page statement saying he had “hardly any” contact with Russia or Russian representatives during the campaign.

He admitted he was present for a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney…amongst other 6 attendees. Trump Jr. recently released emails about the meeting which included that the Russian attorney had incriminating evidence against Hillary Clinton. And of course, as it turned out, she had nothing. Kushner states that the meeting was about the ban of the U.S. from adopting Russian children. Yeah…right.

“When I got there, the person who has since been identified as a Russian attorney was talking about the issue of a ban on U.S. adoptions of Russian children,” Kushner states. “I had no idea why that topic was being raised and quickly determined that my time was not well-spent at this meeting. I have no improper contacts. I have not relied on Russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sectors.”

Oh? Then tell us why you sold the former New York Times building to a connection you had in Russia. Trump had borrowed from Russia many times and probably one of those was to fund your wedding to Ivanka. But we’re just speculating.

His Statement on Security Clearance

He also stated that he has “tried to be fully transparent” when obtaining a security clearance and did “above and beyond what is required.” Tried? Tried is the key word. You do, you don’t try. So what are you hiding? The form was also submitted before adding any Russian connections, including that meeting which happened before he submitted it, and he states that it was “prematurely submitted due to a miscommunication” with his assistant. Ok, so we’re going to blame it on the assistant now instead of you just admitting you were trying to hide it ok.

Let’s hope some information comes to light from the meeting and koosh-ball here doesn’t leave out any goodies.

Source: NPR