Los Angeles Times Tells Trump ‘Enough Is Enough’

President Donald Trump and Retired Gen. James Mattis
President Donald J. Trump swears in James Mattis as the 26th secretary of defense during a ceremony in the Hall of Heroes at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., Jan. 27, 2017. (DOD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jette Carr)

The Trump administration openly admitted that it is at war with the country’s press, while Trump repeatedly criticized the media for spreading ‘fake news’ about him and his administration.

The Los Angeles Times apparently has had enough and published an editorial signed by all the members of the editorial staff, titled “Enough Is Enough.” In that piece, the newspaper labeled Trump as a ‘reckless’ and ‘unmanageable’ leader and his administration as a ‘danger to the Constitution’ and the democracy.

No Time for Silence

The team argued that Trump’s latest attempt to compare the alt-right to the far-left was the last straw. The news outlet underlined that many Republicans and conservatives no longer support Trump and his policies.

For instance, members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff condemned the president for taking too long to denounce the racist groups behind the Charlottesville tragedy. The L.A. Times noted that denouncing Klansmen and the Nazis is nothing spectacular in America, but it is ‘highly unusual’ for high-ranking generals to criticize the nation’s Commander in Chief’s policies on those issues.

The newspaper also pinpointed some of Trump’s worst qualities: the moral ambiguity, resistance to advice and failure to condemn racism and the Neo-Nazis.

This is no time for neutrality, equivocation or silence,

LA Times wrote.

America’s Leaders Should Man Up

It called for others at the top of the government to defend the country’s values and principles. American leaders should have the courage to challenge the nation’s chief executive ‘loudly and unambiguously,’ the editorial reads.

The newspaper praised the CEO’s courageous enough to step down from the President’s Manufacturing Council. Also, five generals on the Joint Chiefs of Staff publicly condemned the racism that led to the Charlottesville tragedy.

Trump’s most outspoken critics include top-ranking Republicans like Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Jeff Flake. Mitt Romney noted that Trump’s failure to condemn racism shortly after the Charlottesville attack “caused racists to rejoice,” The Times underlined.
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