More Lawyers Turn Down Chance To Represent Trump In Mueller Battle

Lawyers Trump

More lawyers are turning down the opportunity to join the sinking ship that is the Trump administration. The president’s attempts to hire top-tier talent for his legal defense have been fraught with controversy, and according to Politico, two more just turned him down.

“A pair of veteran white-collar lawyers have turned down President Donald Trump’s offer to help lead his defense in the Russia probe, marking another setback for a legal team that’s seen its numbers dwindle over the past week while it prepares for a potentially critical interview between the president and special counsel Robert Mueller.”

Between his personal lawyer’s foibles, such as using a Trump Organization email to do business with Stormy Daniels, and his own unpredictability, the president appears to be experiencing a dwindling of celebrity. Once plastered in every place imaginable, the president’s brand may appear just as harmful as it does helpful to those who might be associated with it.

It can also be a sign that they don’t think he stands a good chance of winning vs. Robert Mueller.

Republican officials, though they refuse to back it with legislation, have warned that firing Robert Mueller would be well over the line. Both senators Lindsey Graham (R-Nev.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) have noted that the move could bring impeachment upon President Donald Trump.

In a GOP-controlled Congress that has supported him through most other things, a signal that something exists for which they would consider impeaching the president is huge.

Politico’s report also stated that these are not the first attorney’s to turn President Trump down.

But Trump lacks an experienced criminal attorney on his personal team, and he’s been gauging interest for weeks from other prominent lawyers. Former George W. Bush Solicitor General Ted Olson recently turned down an offer from Trump, citing conflicts with his law firm.

It looks like he’s going to have to work a bit harder to find people willing to go toe-to-toe with Robert Mueller.

Image By Non-Profit Organization Lawyers Oakland Via Wikimedia Commons/CC-By-SA-4.0.