Trump Just Shook This Up to Earthquake Proportions


Trump just made a major move that could rate on the Richter scale. What happens when you threaten and curse at a stranger and it makes the headlines? You lose your position as the president’s personal lawyer.

Legal Team Shake-Up

Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, has resigned and is no longer leading the legal team regarding the Russian investigation. His role has also been reduced according to reports. Ty Cobb will now be taking over the team involved in the Russian probe. Kazowitz has been part of Trump’s legal team since the early 2000s and has represented him in the Trump University fraud case. Trump’s legal team spokesman, Mark Corallo, has also resigned. Corallo had never met Trump or Kazowitz before taking the spokesman position. He also expressed criticism before in the administration.

The Washington Post has also reported that the legal team is looking to undermine Mueller’s investigation. Mueller is looking into Trump’s past transactions with the Russians after Trump threatened him not to. Wrong move Trump. After all, Mueller knows how to punch back too and he’s not afraid of you. With this new shake-up, this only further proves something is going on far beyond the Russians involvement with the election. Hopefully, Mueller will find his evidence soon to throw Trump out of the Oval Office and take Pence with him.


Source: The Hill