Legendary Newsman Tom Brokaw Slams Fox News


Fox News has been leading the conservative effort to sabotage the Russia investigation and fire Robert Mueller, and veteran news anchor Tom Brokaw just took them to the woodshed for it.

For weeks, Trump, Fox News, and Republicans have been whipped up into a frenzy over a report that Mueller removed an FBI agent from the investigation over anti-Trump tweets. Not only have they used the report as an excuse to question Mueller’s integrity and discredit the probe, they have tried to distract the American people by obsessing over fake scandals such as Uranium One.

Fox & Friends has basically become Trump’s propaganda machine, as have other hosts such as Sean Hannity.

During an appearance on Morning Joe on Thursday, host Mika Brzezinski asked Tom Brokaw to comment on a tweet by Trump congratulating the morning Fox program for being named “the most influential” by Mediaite.

However, being named “the most influential” isn’t necessarily a good thing. It’s certainly not in this case. After all, Fox & Friends has merely just lied enough in support of Trump that he often praises them for kissing his ass and helping him dupe the American people.

In response, Brokaw ripped into Fox News in the strongest language he has probably ever used to describe the conservative network for trying to undermine the Russia investigation.

“He watches Fox News because it reinforces what he believes,” Brokaw began. “Fox News, after Shepard Smith, in the late afternoon, is on a jihad right now on the whole question about whether there is a fairness about this or not.”

As an example, Brokaw brought up the fact that Fox News hosts have repeatedly portrayed the Uranium One deal as real scandal even though it has been repeatedly and thoroughly debunked.

“Shep Smith has gone in some detail to say it did not happen,” Brokaw said. “[Hillary Clinton] didn’t have the authority to do that.”

Indeed, Hillary Clinton was not even present to vote in favor or in opposition of the deal. Only the president has the final say, and President Obama approved it. Furthermore, Russia did not receive any uranium as part of the deal. It can’t be exported out of our country. It can be sold, but only to commercial reactor operators in the United States.

In short, the whole Uranium One “scandal” is nothing more than a ruse to distract Americans from Trump’s Russia collusion scandal.

“From then on, the whole assault is on the institutions,” Brokaw continued before slamming frequent Fox guest Newt Gingrich for being a hypocrite.

“Newt Gingrich looking in the camera and saying the FBI is a corrupt organization, right?” Brokaw said. Three months earlier he had said Bob Mueller is one of the great, distinguished public servants we have.”

“We’re at war here and it’s gonna be sorted out in the final analysis,” Brokaw concluded.

Here’s the video via YouTube.


Trump and Republicans have been at war with the media since he entered the 2016 race. And Trump has been waging a vicious war against facts and evidence that he doesn’t like. He has repeatedly called the Russia investigation a “witch hunt” and Fox News has been right there acting as his state-run propaganda doing and saying anything they can to support him, even if it means creating fake scandals and telling lies.

And those lies are only going to get more desperate as Mueller’s investigation closes in on Trump.

Tom Brokaw is a journalist from an era when political ideology was not a factor in reporting the news. He had integrity. So, his strong remarks about Fox News should be taken seriously by Americans across the country.

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