Look Who’s Back, Back Again: Barack Obama to Return to the Campaign Trail

44th U.S. president Barack Obama

The bid for Virginia’s next governor is getting a bit of help this election season. Former President Barack Obama is stumping for the Democratic candidate Ralph Norman.

On The Road Again

Dave Turner, a spokesman for Ralph Northam, said President Obama agreed to hit the campaign trail this week for Northam, but wouldn’t disclose any private details between Northam and Obama. An aide to the former president confirmed that he agreed to campaign for the candidate during a call to congratulate Northam, but no events have yet been planned. The Virginian governor race is heating up to be the next high-profile race behind this week’s recent Georgia election. The Virginia election is one of two gubernatorial contest this year.

Obama helped carry Virginia in both of his presidential races which would greatly boost Northam’s support from younger voters as well as gain African-American backing. His strongholds were largely in the “Urban Cresent” of Virginia which are heavily populated areas of Richmond and Hampton Roads. Northam’s opponent, Ed Gillespie, is a longtime Republican and party leader. Gillespie’s spokesman completely dismissed the return of President Obama and the appeal it’s going to have with voters. He disgustingly stated, “How many Democratic surrogates is it going to take to try and drag the lieutenant governor across the finish line? Virginians deserve to hear from candidates directly, in their own voices, about their own ideas and proposals.” Ok, well Northam never said he wasn’t going to speak for himself. Looks like Gillespie’s just jealous he can’t get presidential backing.

Obama’s Role in the Campaign

Since his leaving the Oval Office (it still hurts people) Obama has stayed in the political fray, rightfully condemning Trump’s travel ban and the decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. The former president did not campaign for Democrats this year, but he did cut an amazing video endorsing French President Emmanuel Macron. Obama said his primary cause would be redistricting to help build Democratic strength and prevent Republicans from drawing legislative maps to favor the political landscape.

Source: Washington Post