Majority Of Minnesotans Don’t Want Senator Franken To Resign

Al Franken

The #Metoo social media movement first began as a wonderful weapon for victims of sexual assault and abuse to use against their very powerful abusers. Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and premier A-list actor Kevin Spacey soon discovered that their status could not save them or their powerful jobs. But one could make the argument that the #metoo movement has gotten somewhat out of hand, resulting in anonymous accusers bringing down powerful men without guilt being proven or any investigations taking place. Case in point, Senator Al Franken.

The former SNL writer and progressive Minnesota Senator found himself among the many accused of sexual assault, forcing him to initially call for an ethics committee to investigate but ultimately (and wrongfully) caving to indignant Democratic Senators, such as Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), and retiring from the Senate. But even if a couple of wimpy so-called democratic colleagues of Franken think what he might have done is even remotely on par with what Roy Moore and President Trump certainly did, the people of Minnesota vehemently disagree.

A new poll revealed that half of Minnesota doesn’t think Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) should be forced to go through with his resignation. Moreover, a new Public Policy Polling survey found 50 percent of voters in Minnesota don’t believe their beloved Senator should bite the bullet and resign. And here’s something for Senator Gillibrand to pay attention to 71 percent of Democrats don’t think Franken should resign.

Better still, 53 percent of voters approve of the job Franken is doing in office, compared to 42 percent who don’t approve. And since many of his female staffers quickly came to his rescue and said what a gentleman he was to work for,  it’s no surprise that 57 percent of women say they approve of his job performance, compared with 37 percent who don’t.

While we don’t entirely believe this 11th-hour appeal will have much impact on Senator Franken’s decision, it certainly shows just how oblivious certain Democratic senators are to the will of the people Franken represents. Apparently, she’s way more interested in taking some pathetic, non-existent moral high ground over keeping a Democratic seat in the Senate. After all, the loss of Franken now means Republicans have a chance at taking Minnesota, a state that Hilary Clinton barely won in 2016, in 2018.

Featured image via screenshot From YouTube.