Manafort JUST Claimed He Will Go To the Hill


On Friday Paul Manafort has said that he will testify before the House Intelligence Committee. Earlier this week he was accused of assisting Putin in Ukraine when he worked for Oleg Deripaska. Mr. Manafort worked for Deripaska 10 years ago representing him where he has investments in various countries. Deripaska is a Russian billionaire with close ties Putin.

“I worked with Oleg Deripaska almost a decade ago representing him on business and personal matters in countries where he had investments. My work for Mr. Deripaska did not involve representing Russian political interests. I have always publicly acknowledged that I worked for Mr. Deripaska and his company, Rusal, to advance its interests. For example, one of the projects involved supporting a referendum in Montenegro that allowed that country to choose membership in the (European Union), a measure that Russia opposed. I did not work for the Russian government. Once again, smear and innuendo are being used to paint a false picture. I look forward to meeting with those conducting serious investigations of these issues to discuss the actual facts.”

There was a hearing scheduled for Tuesday however, it looks like it will be canceled. Manafort was to testify during that hearing on Tuesday. Minority Leader on the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Schiff supports Manafort testifying, however, is calling for a full public hearing. Nunes claims that some questions that need to be asked cannot be asked in a public forum.

This is likely to pick up steam throughout the week and we are just going to have to wait and see what happens. It is very interesting that Manafort has decided to testify. At this point I don’t care what is classified, there should be full public hearings and ALL classified material should be unclassified. What do you think?

Source: NPR