Comey Is Out. Many Other Surprise Terminations May Follow


As Trump is getting increasingly paranoid about the outcome of the investigations concerning his camp and Russia, FBI Director James Comey’s surprise termination could be just the tip of the iceberg. It is worth noting that Comey was not the first official to lose his job for upsetting Trump.

Comey’s Firing Is Not the First

Former interim AG Sally Yates and U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara were both shown the door for interfering with the Commander in Chief.

Trump knows the Russian noose is tightening around him as a Grand Jury probing former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s connections with the Russians has recently issued several subpoenas, and Comey himself had reportedly solicited extra funds for the FBI investigation into the matter before his ouster.

A day before Comey was handed the pink slip; Trump tweeted the Russian story was a “complete hoax” that costs taxpayers a lot of money. It is shocking that a president would fire the FBI director mid-investigation with an absurd explanation. According to the White House, Trump reportedly fired Comey because of how he had handled the Clinton probe, but the senior adviser to the president Kellyanne Conway told CNN Comey was fired because of the way he acted after Trump was sworn in.

Washington is concerned many more firings may follow after Comey as he is just one in a long string of government officials that were ousted for basically doing their jobs.

Other Officials Sacked by Trump

For instance, in January, Trump fired Yates because she reportedly defied his executive order to place a travel ban on all visitors and refugees coming from a handful of countries with a high risk of terrorism. The real reason, however, was that she knew Trump knew Flynn was compromised weeks before Flynn was sacked.

Likewise, U.S. Attorney Bharara lost his position in March. At the time, Bharara was leading a probe into the president’s favorite news channel Fox News’ alleged securities violations. Now, Trump wants to replace him with Marc Mukasey, a lawyer who had a real close work relationship with disgraced Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.
Image Source: The Hill