Mass. GOP Challenger Says She’ll Win Because Men Hate Elizabeth Warren’s Voice


A Republican candidate to face Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in November doesn’t appear to have a platform or any real idea as to what she’d do if she wins the election, but she remains confident because she claims that men cannot stand to hear Warren speak.

Beth Lindstrom appeared on Fox & Friends Thursday morning and said knows she’ll beat Warren if she gets the GOP nomination because men in the state deeply dislike the incumbent senator:

“Truly, when I’m out across the state, women say… they just hug me and say, ‘Thank you for running. We have got to get rid of her. She does not have the same values.’ Men, three times a week they’ll say, ‘It’s like nails on a chalk board,’ truly.”

Notice the use of of the word “truly” by Lindstrom? That’s known as a verbal tic which tends to indicate the speaker is lying. It’s the equivalent of Donald Trump saying “believe me” whenever he’s lying, which of course is 95 percent of the time.

Yet when Lindstrom was asked what issues she would be focusing on, she merely replied “the economy,” offering no details or policy proposals. And then she reiterated her sexist talking point about Warren:

“It’s truly, in Massachusetts, when she won in 2012, Obama won by 23 percent of the vote. She won by 7. So she’s a flawed candidate. But she did win the women’s vote by 20 percent.”

And that is truly a load of bull. Obama did win the state by 23 percent, but Warren is beloved in her state. If Lindstrom manages to win the nomination of her party, she’ll be lucky if she’s able to make a race against Warren anything less than a total blowout.

Once she had finished slagging Warren, Lindstrom then offered this pathetic bromide to voters:

“Don’t vote for me because I’m a woman. Vote for me because I’m qualified. Because of my background, where I stand on issues.”

Something tells me Senator Warren is privately hoping Lindstrom is her opponent.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab