American Hero Returns: McCain Will Vote

John McCain profile

Arizona Senator John McCain is expected to return to the Capitol on Tuesday and cast his vote on the controversial Republican healthcare bill. His role is crucial to the success of the bill in its aim to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Republican Healthcare Bill Still Short on Votes

After McCain had been diagnosed with brain cancer, Republicans suffered another loss to their already dwindling votes for the bill. McCain announced Monday night that he would be returning for the Tuesday vote. This means the Republicans might have a chance to push forward the repeal. If not, the bill might have to be abandoned.

Senate Republicans have struggled to amass support over time for their version of a new healthcare bill in a divided Congress.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell spent his time chastising his party members. President Trump also criticized them on Monday for their failure to end the “Obamacare nightmare.”

Out of the 52 seats, the Republicans occupy in Congress; there are undecided votes enough to have the bill hanging by a thread. McCain’s vote in favor of an open debate on the Senate floor could give McConnell the opportunity to round up enough votes.

Still Vague on the Details

However, McConnell dodged clarifying what exactly will the Republicans be voting for.  The final version of the bill hasn’t been disclosed yet, and Republican leaders have been very vague about its contents. This comes after the previous two drafts were met with clear opposition.

While McCain has declared that he is in favor of open debates, he was also critical of the bill. Also, no Democrat is expected to vote in favor of the bill so Republicans cannot afford losing anyone of their own.

So far, Maine Senator Susan Collins publicly declared that she would be voting against the open debate.

Image source: Flickr