George W. Bush Proclaims Media Is ‘Indispensable to Democracy’

George W. Bush

Former President George W. Bush said in a recent interview that President Trump is wrong when he attacks the media as a free press is essential to democracy. Bush added that we need the press to hold people like himself accountable and prevent politicians from abusing their power as power can get “very addictive.”

The former president concluded that a free media is “indispensable to democracy.”

Power can be very addictive and it can be corrosive, and it’s important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power,

Bush said in an exclusive sit-down with TODAY’S host Matt Lauer.

Lauer had asked him about his stance on President Trump’s recent attacks on the media in which he called major news networks “dishonest,” “lying,” and “enemies of America.”

Bush recalled that he tried to persuade Russia President Vladimir Putin to allow independent free press thrive in his country. He added that it is now even harder to convince foreign leaders to embrace free press when the U.S. doesn’t have one.

When Lauer asked him about the call for a special prosecutor to conduct the probe into Trump’s aides’ connections with Russian officials, Bush replied he would rather let the Senate intelligence committee make that call.

The former U.S. leader also said that even the GOP wants answers, but he isn’t “sure the right avenue to take”. Bush also had to answer a string of questions about his Republican successor’s executive orders that banned Muslim immigrants from entering the country.

Bush said he would like an immigration reform that upholds the law. He refused to say whether he favored or opposed the policy. Bush, who is the last Republican to hold the nation’s highest office before Obama, won the presidency after one of the most controversial Supreme Court decisions in American modern history. In 2000, the nation’s top court decided over a dispute about a contested recount in Florida.

On Monday, the former Republican commander-in-chief appeared on Today’s set with a group of veterans to promote his book: “Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors.”

The proceeds of his work, which portrays some of the most memorable U.S. veterans, will go to the George W. Bush Presidential Center, which assists 9/11 veterans and their family members in transitioning to a civilian life.

He disclosed that his sole purpose in selling the book was to help the nation’s vets. He disclosed that he sensed “great pride” in talking with the veterans portrayed in the book.

Many veterans admitted they used counseling to help them get over their traumas and heal up some wounds that weren’t visible. Bush added that many veterans are in denial because of the social stigma.

So our message is, it’s courageous to talk about it and seek help,

Bush said.

One of the veterans present in the room, Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael Rodriguez, said Bush’ efforts to help veterans in many ways including inviting them to his Texas ranch inspired him to try and do the same.

When I saw that he reached out and he opened his heart and home to us, in the caring way that President Bush does, it inspired me to try to connect with people as well,

Rodriguez said.
Image Source: Flickr