Melania Is More Popular than Her Husband in Fox News Poll

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump

Ironically, America’s immigrant First Lady Melania Trump has higher approval ratings than her anti-immigration husband Donald Trump, in a poll conducted by his favorite news outlet, Fox News.

The poll shows that Mrs. Trump is more popular than the Commander in Chief by 12 points. At this moment, her approval rating sits at 51%, while Trump’s approval rating on Gallup is at 39%.

Melania’s Approval Ratings See Big Boost

It is unclear why America loves Melania so much, but it may have something to do with her decision to move into the White House from the New York City-based Trump Tower. Taxpayers breathed a sigh of relief when she moved as they won’t have to shell out tens of millions for Trump Tower’s security. It’s estimated that the security cost was $24 million from Election Day through Inauguration Day.

The poll also found that Republicans view Melania more favorably, with an 82% approval. 43% of Independents approve of her as well.

Fox News pollsters underlined that the First Lady’s approval rating jumped from last year’s levels. Last summer, her approval ratings stood at just 35% because of her controversial husband. Also, even though the Fox News poll placed the president at a 47% approval rating, the bottom line is that his wife is still more popular with American voters.

America Loves First Ladies

Experts think that America is usually more fond of First Ladies due to the job of their husbands which dramatically affect their lives. First Ladies have their accomplishments too which are often met with praise, regardless of how unpopular a president may be.

For instance, Hillary Clinton’s approval ratings were very strong despite her husband’s controversies. Michelle Obama had high approval ratings too despite the repeated racist attacks. First Lady Betty Ford was criticized too by conservatives for her controversial stance on Equal Rights Amendment, but her popularity was still high.
Image Source: Wikimedia