Mending The Democratic Party Divide


It has been said by many that they did not leave the Democratic Party. They contend, perhaps appropriately, that the Democratic Party left them. (Ronald “Saint” Reagan said that first, but he was missing the damn point).

Regardless of the antecedent, we believe that fighting to bring the Democratic Party home for all Progressives is mission critical in championing the promise of our Constitution and promoting the general welfare of “We the People.”

But how can this be accomplished for those who feel betrayed by the DNC?

For those who’ve had their faith in fair elections shaken to its very core how do we mend the divide? For those who feel that their belief in social justice has been abjectly abandoned, how do we honor their pain?

Perhaps we must start with a simple contention: For those who’ve fled the fray back in 2016 vowing never to return, demanding they “vote blue” is not the answer.

For those whose conscience has been clarified by deep moral conviction, trying to rally them to a cause that represents PermaWars for profit and the stain of Wall Street is simply not helpful. In fact, it deepens their resolve by diminishing their desire to see a revolution aimed at upending the foundations of greed, selfishness, and corruption that have permeated the fabric of our nation.

It serves to further disenfranchise those who do not feel represented, putting them back on their heels and deepening the very division and disenchantment they seek to overcome. Ignoring the nature and reason for this populist progressive uprising is to deny that the uprising does not have a credible claim.

Many are left to question the greatness of the United States.

Is America really the greatest nation on Earth? To answer that question the word “great” must first be defined. We are most certainly great at bombing countries back into the Stone Age for profit. Our corporate Military Industrial Complex has no soul to save nor body to incarcerate. It exists to guarantee its self-perpetuation for their bottom line on the backs of the bruised.

Citizens United is not Constitutional

And we are losing our direct Democracy. We are not one person, one vote. Citizens United is not Constitutional.

We are a corporate oligarchy of obscene insanity manufacturing consent to take the fearful and terrify them into voting against their own interests.

And we, as Progressives, all know this to be true.

We, as Progressives, all share a common belief in honoring the humanity of all people, both here and abroad. If we vote in a democratic congress this year, and we have a chance to do just that, then we should be all hands on deck to promote the value of all living things and to unify not the party, but all of humanity.

So what is it that makes a nation great? We contend, like many great figures of history, that the “greatness” of a nation is defined by how it cares for its vulnerable, its poor, its sick and disenfranchised, The greatness of a nation is not defined by its ability to wield immense power.

There is a primal scream rising up from within our collective souls. It cries out for a change. It calls out for hope from within a cage we all share. And we all wish to break free.

And we must do it together. Hand in hand. Solidarity in progressive and humanitarian principles is an absolute for us with all of humanity.

Featured Image: Tracy Knauss, Photo Doctor (Used with permission)



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