Mexico Takes Back Offer in Wake of Disasters

Hurricane Harvey aftermath

Mexico decided to no longer pour millions of dollars in the disaster relief efforts in Texas following Hurricane Harvey as it needs the cash to rebuild its own infrastructure following the most severe earthquake in a century.

The announcement was made by the country’s Foreign Ministry Monday.

Mexico is focused on providing relief to the victims of a deadly earthquake that hit the country Sept. 8. The Central American country is also focused on providing aid in the wake of Hurricane Katia that has devastated the state of Veracruz a day later.

Mexican authorities said they decided to pull the U.S. aid offer due to “changing circumstances” in both areas. Mexico considers that there is no longer need for material aid in Texas.

The Mexican government offered its help in late August after the Lone Star State was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey and floods. But now, Mexico is struggling with two natural disasters.

Mexico Devastated by Two Natural Disasters

Last Thursday, a major earthquake hit the country’s southern coast, affecting three states and killing 95 people. Experts estimate its magnitude at 8.1, which makes it the greatest earthquake in a century. Around 50 million people felt the quake in Guatemala City and Mexico City.

Last Friday, Hurricane Katia hit the Mexican state of Veracruz, which resulted in a mudslide that killed two on Saturday.

Mexico’s Foreign Ministry said the available logistical support would be directed to residents affected by the two disasters instead of going to Texas as promised in late August.

Mexico had promised to send personnel, 25 cargos with water and food supplies, 300 beds, several generators, satellite equipment, and water treatment tools to the United States. Authorities said at the time that “good neighbors” should help one another in difficult times, despite President Trump’s personal crusade against Mexico.
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